Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVC-G) Support

AST has long-term experience supporting LVC-G systems that began in 1992. Our early experience was primarily in the Constructive Training domain where we provided subcontract support services for the Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM), Software Engineering Directorate (SED), Training, Modeling and Simulations (TMS) Group, located at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Our main effort was performed in Leavenworth, Kansas, with additional support provided at remote locations in Orlando, Florida, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, Fort Polk, Louisiana, and Fort Irwin, California. Systems supported under this initial contract were primarily constructive simulations such as Janus; the Brigade/Battalion Battle Simulation System (BBS); the Corps Battle Simulation (CBS) for Corps, Echelon Above Corps (EAC), and Divisions; and, the Combat Service Support Training Simulation System (CSSTSS). A major task on this initial contract was to support the setup, staffing of over 90 personnel, and operation of Battle Simulation Centers (BSC) at the 11 TRADOC proponent schools and the Army Special Operation Forces School. We did provide some support services in the live domain for the Instrumentation Systems at the National Training Center; the Combat Maneuver Training Center; the Joint Readiness Training Center; and, the White Sands Missile Range – Test Support Network (WSMR-TSN).

Our support to the LVC-G training domains steadily increased over the years to the point where AST is actively providing support services in all of the domains. The figure below depicts those systems for which we actively provide support:


LVC-G training links selected training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations (TADSS), mission command and knowledge management systems into an integrated training environment with the focus on leader training and mission readiness. Examples of the four training domains are:

    Live Training - Human operators using real equipment, at real locations to train for METL tasks. Examples of this
    are field training exercises (FTX), Mission Rehearsal Exercises (MRE), and Culminating Training Events (CTE); on
    instrumented ranges, automated shoot houses (ASH), Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF), etc.

    Virtual Simulation Training - Human operators (human-in-the-loop) in a simulated environment using simulated
    equipment such as flight simulators or gunnery trainers.

    Constructive Simulation Training - Computer generated (artificial intelligence) humans in a simulated environment
    using simulated equipment. An example of this is the use of JCATS representing brigade level entities where the
    decision process is driven by real people; operators, commanders, and staffs.

    Gaming Training - Human operators interacting with constructive simulations via virtual with live. An example of this
    is the use of VBS2 which allows the building of simulated terrain of a units home station or deployed areas; allowing
    soldiers to operate in a near-real time environment (first person perspective) learning new convoy drills, or under-
    standing how to correctly lay out a vehicle checkpoint in a hostile village, or interacting in a brigade level fight in

As a member of the Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance, AST is providing live training support at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, CA where we work in the Training Analysis Facility; at Fort McCoy, WI and Fort Stewart, GA where we support Automated Shoot Houses (ASH) and Combined Arms Collective Training Centers (CACTF) operations.

The ASH is used to train and evaluate units during live fire exercises. Units will be trained and evaluated on their ability to move tactically (enter and clear a room; enter and clear a building), to engage targets, and practice target discrimination.

The CACTF is designed to provide individual through battalion-level, home station, urban operations training helping soldiers hone their skills in urban terrain environments and enhancing their ability to complete their wartime mission. The CACTF allows units to train soldiers on building entry and room clearing techniques under live and blank-fire conditions and limited subterranean training in an urban training facility large enough to conduct combined arms force-on-force collective training at the battalion/task force level.

As a member of Team CACI on the OPTARSS II contract (2005-2015), AST provided functional and technical LVC-G training support to meet the demands of the diverse and critical Battle Command Staff Training Program in support of the U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC) mission. AST provided technical support and instruction for individual, staff, collective, and leader training; simulation supported Mission Training Complex (MTC) exercise support; Army Mission Command Systems (MCS) training; and gaming training and support (classroom and mobile training teams) for U.S. Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Active Component, and other Government agencies, as required.

AST’s Constructive, Virtual, & Gaming support includes (but is not limited to):

     • Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS)
     • Joint Defense Logistics Model (JDLM)
     • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF)
     • Multiple Unified Simulation Environment/Virtual Reality Scene Generator (MUSE/VRSG)
     • UrbanSIM
     • Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2)

In addition to constructive/virtual/gaming support, AST provided training support for a myriad array of digital MCS and the integration into battlefield simulation exercises which provide the execution fidelity during training that Brigade and Battalion commanders and their staff’s desire. AST personnel assisted Reserve Component units in MCS training, systems support, and exercise support and execution, which include:

     • All Source Analysis System – Light (ASAS-L)
     • Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS)
     • Air and Missile Defense Work Station (AMDWS)
     • Battle Command Sustainment Support System (BCS3)
     • Command and Control PC (C2PC) – A Marine Corps product
     • Maneuver Control System (MCS)
     • Tactical Battle Command (TBC) / Command Post of the Future (CPOF)
     • Tactical Aviation Integrated System (TAIS)

LVC-G Models and Simulation Support History

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