Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support

Advanced Systems Technology, Inc will begin to support the Army’s Mission Training Complex Capabilities Support (MTCCS) contract under General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), Inc. that will provide individual, leader, small unit, battle staff, and simulation-driven Mission Command (MC) training, technical, exercise, simulation, and administrative support to Mission Training Complexes world-wide. The scope of this performance work statement includes technical support and training, facilities management functions, operational activities and logistical activities. Support includes individual through collective mission command training, support to mission rehearsal exercises, staff planning, leader training/development, live simulations, virtual simulations, constructive simulations, first person simulation (FPS), database preparation and maintenance; scenario creation; Contractor controller training and functions; exercise controller training; simulations/simulators operation; installation and maintenance of communications lines, circuits, and equipment, network and system administration on simulations network, NIPR and SIPR Local Area Networks (LAN), functional area research; facilities management, event scheduling, security and administrative support and access control.

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